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Safe & Soft  is a  tree group private label ,produced in the Far East in the largest factory in this sector.


Safe & Soft are a range of gloves that includes Latex, Vinyl and Nitride:

  • - Latex gloves are high quality non- sterile gloves that provide excellent biological barrier. They are lightly powdered with USP and safe for use with food.
  • - Vinyl gloves are non powdered gloves which provide a barrier for multiple use.
  • - Nitrile gloves are powdered gloves with highly puncture resistant. Highly resistant to chemicals, particularly petrol provide excellent biological barrier.


It is sold in display boxes which were introduced to the Lebanese market in 2007.


Rubber latex is extracted from rubber trees .It is collected into plastic cups which are held  by a wire that encircles the tree. The tree drips latex liquid normally in the morning when the internal pressure of the tree is highest.