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Fedora is a range of compound chocolate blocks and vermicelli. It is marketed and sold in bulk and is heavily used by the "Professional Users" who buy products in order to be re-processed and sold to end-users in a different final product.


The "Professional Users" includes bakeries, pastries, roasters, and molding factories.


Fedora is proudly produced in our sister factory CHELBA in Lebanon.

Chocolate Blocks

Chocolate Blocks, also known as Bulk Chocolate, is chocolate that comes as a solid block to be used for candy-making, molding, enrobing, baking, etc.  They are great for using in recipes, and can be chopped into chunks, melted or shaved.


Chocolate Blocks include many types determined by their chocolate liquor content and added sugar.

They come in the bittersweet, semi-sweet and unsweetened varieties. The categories encompass a range of chocolate with different levels of cacao content.



Vermicelli, known as chocolate sprinkles, are tiny splinters of chocolate produced in dark, milk, white, and colored variants. Vermicelli is used as a decorative agent on cakes, ice cream, desserts and the like.