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Cuétara are Spanish biscuits of a wide variety: breakfast and healthy biscuits, salted biscuits, cream-filled sandwich biscuits, savory snacks, etc.


Cuétara includes a HEALTHY range of snacks and biscuits that is Cholesterol Free. Cuétara was the leader in introducing the healthy biscuits concept in Lebanon by launching its well known biscuits that consist of F plus, Fibra Due, and Digestive Light biscuits.


Cuétara was launched in the Lebanese market in 1999. Since then, the portfolio has been increasing and new items are being introduced and being well received by consumers.


The biscuit company Cuétara had been founded in Mexico in 1935 by the brothers Juan and Florencio Gómez-Cuétara. They transferred their activity and know-how of the sector to Spain in 1951, founding the company Gómez Cuétara Hermanos, which was to be called Cuétara, S.A. in 1964. Cuétara bécame a leader in the sector in terms of sales, product range and research.


Now Cuétara belongs to NUTREXPA group. Currently, it is the leading brand in the Iberian biscuit market.