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ETI is a range of biscuits, cake, crackers, and toast.


The biscuits collection includes:

  • Plain biscuits as Petit Beurre and Digestive available in various weights and sizes.
  • Filled biscuits as Negro and So Cream in strawberry, banana, hazelnut, and vanilla.


The cake basket covers:

  • Adicto browni cake with different sizes
  • Pop KeK covered chocolate cake billed in banana or chocolate
  • English cake in mosaic, chocolate, raisins, and fruits flavors


The crackers include:

  • Pretzels
  • Spicy crackers, cheese crackers, and herbs crackers


The toast collection comprises:

  • Regular
  • Diet
  • No salt



ETİ began production in 1962 in a factory personally designed by Firuz KANATLI, founder and honorary president. This marked the beginning of many historic steps in ETİ's growth and development.


ETİ has always been on the leading edge of innovation in the sector, investing to provide better products to the public.


On this culinary journey, ETİ has produced a string of products that are both tasty and memorable.