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Chupa Chups is world No 1 Spanish round-shape lolli pop with different flavors: fruits, cola, ice cream, etc.


Chupa Chups comes in a variety of shapes: round lollipop, whistle lollipop (melody), XXL lollipop, surprise lollipop, and dips lollipop.


It is marketed and sold in tins of bags of 10 units, tins 150 of units, tins 1,000 units, etc. It was introduced to the Lebanese market in ........


Bernat got the idea of a "bonbon with a stick" from a cursing mother as her child got sticky hands from melting sweets. Bernat felt that at that time, sweets were not designed with the main consumers - children - in mind.


Shopkeepers were instructed to place the lollipops near the cash register within reach of children's hands, instead of the traditional placement behind the counter. The Chupa Chups logo was designed in 1969 by artist Salvador Dalí.[2]


Its first marketing campaign was the logo with the slogan "És rodó i dura molt, Chupa Chups", which translates from Catalan as "It's round and long-lasting".