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Lotus is a Belgian range of caramelized premium biscuits and caramelized chocolate-coated biscuits. It is marketed and sold in various packages and wrappings: individual, twin packs, triplicate packs, etc.


Lotus also offers its state-of-the art unique spread available in 400 grs jars.


Lotus products do not include artificial colors and flavors and are produced from the finest ingredients of speculoos and Belgian chocolate.


Lotus Bakeries focuses on authentic specialties from the biscuit and cake world: caramelized biscuits (speculoos), gingerbread, cake specialties, waffles and pepparkakor biscuits.


Lotus Bakeries, with headquarters in Belgium, is a dynamic, internationally oriented company with production facilities in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Sweden and Canada, own sales organizations in 9 European countries and in the United. 1998, Lotus starts its business in Lebanon till now, dealing with 6 items of original caramelized biscuits and spread.