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What is unique in Erko is its wide range in high quality plain marshmallows, jam filled marshmallows, and coated marshmallows. They are marketed and sold in different bag sizes: small, medium, and family bags. Erko also carries the range of gummy, foam candy, compressed candy, seasonal items, and the like.

Erko Foods is HACCP and ISO9001 accredited; Third party GMP Audit passed.


ERKO was launched in the Lebanese market in 2003. It is the No 1 marshmallow and brand leader with the largest market share in the Lebanese market.


Erko Foods is one of the largest candy products manufacturers and producers of many kinds of confectionary items in China including marshmallows. Since 1999, Erko Foods already became the largest marshmallow manufacturer in Asia. Being the largest marshmallow manufacturer in the world is the target of the management.