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Smint is a type of minty candy. Every Smint candy has a triangular shape with an engraved "S".


Smint is marketed and sold in dispensers, tins, and sachets.


Smint dispensers are available in several flavors: mint, peppermint, lemon, white mint, white strawberry, wild berry, and blackberry. In 2010, Smint tins were introduced with four flavors: mint, spearmint, liquorice, and strawberry.


Smint and Gum is composed of one layer of chewing gum and another of Smint candy. Smint & Gum is available in the following flavors: fresh peppermint, strong mint, strawberry, blackberry, and liquorice; It is marketed and sold in blister packs containing eight pieces. In 2011, Smint XP was launched as a chewing gum of strawberry and mint and is available in bottles.


Smint mini-mint pastilles were the first product from Spanish multinational Chupa Chups S.A designed for an adult market. In the 1990s Chupa Chups saw an opportunity in the adult market, finding that its customers wanted a high-quality, sugar free product.


After four years of development, Smint was introduced to the market in 1994 as a subsidiary brand.


By the end of the 1990s, Smint was easily recognized for its dispenser, which dispenses a single pastille at a time, and for its award-winning campaign "No Smint, no kiss".